Our Service

Since 2010 customers have been asking us to handle their internet purchases and packages. Their requests, founded by tried and true experience with our company, inspired us to create INVIARE. We have invested almost three decades of experience into this service to CREATE and DESIGN a tailor made International P.O. Box Service to satisfy YOU, our customer. We invite you to register, ship and enjoy the service that INVIARE has to offer.

Our People

Our team members are the heart of INVIARE. These dedicated individuals strive to perform and deliver the best, keeping our operations running at the optimal levels required of a successful International P.O. Box Service. We have merged visionary technology and passion to give you groundbreaking service. Fueled by valuable insight, genuine inspiration, and utmost integrity, we all look forward to serving your needs.

Our Customers

Maintaining a close relationship and open communication with our customers is integral to our operations. We love receiving your feedback! By honouring and implementing your useful suggestions we include you directly in our evolution. Share your INVIARE experience with us by visiting our Facebook Page or sending us an email: customerserviceskb@inviare.com

We believe that our service is so personal that even our packages speak to you!


INVIARE is an international courier service company whose name means ‘to send’ (in Italian).

Inviare aims to maintain the strength and history of its affiliate whilst establishing its own prominence on the courier services market.

Inviare transcends ordinary shipping, offering the luxury of personal shopping with the comfort of trusted support.