If you have any questions that are not answered here, please click here to submit your question to our Customer Support Desk, call us at: 1(869)-465-2511 or email us at: customerserviceskb@inviare.com

How does Inviare work?

Upon submission of your registration you will receive an email which will be sent to the email address used during sign up. This email will have all your membership details – Your Personal P.O. Box address in Miami (example below) as well as the address in St. Kitts that you selected for delivery of your package. We encourage your to save this email.

When purchases are made in the United States, via Catalogue, Telephone or Internet you will give instructions to the supplier to send the purchases to your physical address in Miami, Florida. Once the package arrives Inviare will ensure it is shipped and delivered to your home or office.

For example, John Doe will receive an email from noreply@inviare.com with the following message:

Dear John Doe

Thank you for registering with Inviare – Your Personal P.O. Box to the World!! Please keep this email as it contains important information relating to your account.

This is your INVIARE P.O. Box address to be used when shopping online

John Doe
6308 NW 99th AVE
Miami, FL. 33178

Your registration acknowledges your FREE DELIVERY address as below.

John Doe
123 Main Street
Basseterre, St. Kitts

If you wish to change from a DELIVERY ACCOUNT to a PICK UP ACCOUNT please send an email to customerserviceskb@inviare.com

For security and verification purposes we ask that you send the request from the email address used when registering.

Cargo Insurance : Please note your account is automatically registered for Insurance on your packages at a rate of 1.5% or US$1.50 per US$100 value. We strongly recommend you insure your packages, however, if you wish to remove insurance from your account please send us an email with instructions to remove insurance from your account.

For TRACKING PACKAGES delivered to our warehouse in Miami please visit our website at http://inviareskb.com/inviare-tracker/ and enter your user name and password created by you during registration.

Thank you for choosing INVIARE !!


This is an automatically generated email, please do not reply.

To talk to a member of our Customer Service Team please contact us directly on 1(869)-465-2511 between 8:00am-5:00pm – Monday to Friday or email us at customerserviceskb@inviare.com.

Inviare will apply the relevant air freight and fuel surcharge then the applicable Customs Duty and VAT from Customs & Excise Division.

When your package arrives in St. Kitts, Inviare will proceed to Customs Clear and deliver the package to your registered address in St. Kitts.

USPS tracking shows my package as delivered but it’s not in your system

USPS delays
USPS marks packages as delivered when it reaches the final post office before it is actually delivered to our warehouse. USPS usually delivers within 5 days of receipt at their final post office.

Can I ship mail, catalogues, magazine and other similar printed subscriptions with your service?

Sorry, at this time we do not offer this facility.

How often are shipments sent to St. Kitts?

Packages received at our Miami warehouse are airfreighted to St. Kitts within 24-48 hours of receiving.

How long does it take to receive shipment after it arrives?

Local deliveries are conducted within one to two business days after packages are customs cleared.

What is the maximum package size I can ship?

You can ship any size package however, bear in mind that all packages are sent via air freight. Large shipments such as appliances and furniture can be handled through our ocean freight service.

What are your methods of payment?

We can accept payment via LINX, Cash, Credit Cards and Company Cheques.

I don’t have a credit card. Can you pay on my behalf?

Yes we will! With an advance Cash payment we will purchase the item on your behalf.

What are Hazardous or Dangerous Goods?

Items that are deemed to be Hazardous or Dangerous by the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) will be held at our warehouse in Miami until complete shipping instructions, paperwork and approvals are prepared, filed and secured.

Airfreighting hazardous or dangerous materials is very expensive. We suggest you contact us prior to ordering such commodities.

The weight from my supplier is different to what you say. Why?

All packages are weighed upon arrival at our warehouse in Miami. This is for security and reconfirmation purposes. We will only charge based on the ACTUAL weight and dimensions of the package.

What is the weight or size limit can I ship using my personal PO box?

At Inviare we will gladly receive and ship any size cargo you so desire. Oversized/weight cargo will however often attract substantial freight charges, so we recommend that you contact a member of our support team at customerserviceskb@inviare.com prior to finalizing the order with your supplier.

Through our parent company TDC and our global network of service partners, we can offer you highly competitive air cargo and Ocean freight options.

How can I track my shipments?

All members are provided with a secure log in and password to access web tracking

Do I receive notification of my cargo arrival?

You will receive your first email notification when the package is in transit to St. Kitts.

Once the package is customs cleared you will receive another email notification which will include an arrival notice and invoice.

Can I pick up my packages?

Delivery of your package is included however, you may pick up your packages at our office. TDC, Fort Street, Basseterre, St. Kitts.

Will I have to pay Customs Duties?

Duties and Taxes are assessed and collected by the Customs & Excise Division based on the goods/commodity prior to the release of shipments from the airport. Inviare / TDC will pay these charges on your behalf. You will be required to reimburse Inviare / TDC upon collection or delivery of your packages.

What items are restricted?

There are items that will not be transported into St. Kitts. The list of restricted items are not limited to the following items:

  • Human remains, including ashes
  • Plant, Animals, Insects, Fish – dead or alive
  • Antiques
  • Asbestos
  • Bodily fluids and tissues
  • Firearms and parts, ammunition, explosives and weapons of any kind
  • Fireworks
  • Animal Skin and Furs
  • Hazardous or combustible material (as defined in IATA Regulations)
  • Illegal goods
  • Bullion (of any precious metal)
  • Negotiable instruments in Bearer form
  • Items which could be used as weapons
  • Insects, Larvae or Pupae
  • Ivory
  • Jewelry, precious metals and stones
  • Military equipment and apparel (camouflage)
  • Narcotics (Illegal)
  • Dangerous Goods (Aerosols, perfumes, pressurized cans, flammable liquids)
  • Perishable items (Food, plants)
  • Plants/seeds
  • Pornography (videos, DVDs, magazines, adult toys)
  • Currency (cash/money orders/stamps)
  • Honey
  • Camouflage Clothes
  • Alcohol (Any item with alcohol ingredients)
  • Wet-Cell Batteries
  • Lighters & Matches
  • Swords

What is Fuel Surcharge?

Fuel Surcharge is imposed by all airlines on freight handled. Inviare is committed to keeping our per pound freight rate at competitive and economical levels.

Do you deliver to all locations in St. Kitts?

Delivery Coming Soon.

If however you wish to collect your packages at our office please enter the following address as your shipping address:

Fort Street,
St Kitts