Please select a product category, enter the product weight (calculated above), value of the item to calculate the Total cost of shipping your itmes with Inviare.

$ .00



Freight (First 3 pounds $8.70 and $2.35 for every pound after.) $ 0.0
Fuel Surharge (18%) $ 0.0
Service (6%) $ 0.0
Insurance $ 0.0
Duties $ 0.0
Vat $ 0.0
Total $ 0.0
Freight is calculated on actual weight.
  • The Shipping Calculator is for estimate and indicative purposes only.
  • Minimum weight is 1lb (one pound) and all weights with decimal places are rounded to the next pound - eg 2.84lbs will be rounded to 3lbs.
  • Should you have any questions concerning the calculation of Shipping Charges, Customs Duty or VAT please feel free to contact our Customer Service Representatives at 1(869)-465-2511 or via email

Note The above information is for indicative purposes only. Duty & VAT applicable is subject to assessment by Customs & Excise Division upon clearance of your packages.